Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they carry serious health risks. They reproduce quickly, and in many types of environments. One Stop Pest Control can control your mosquitoes to make sure your family stays healthy, and gets to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. At One Stop Pest Control, we have a specialized mosquito program that dramatically reduces the presence of mosquitoes at your home. We treat the grounds, flower beds, gutters and standing water. Let us make your backyard enjoyable again our with our mosquito pest control program.

Mosquito Myths

Because of their ubiquitness, there are many misconceptions about mosquitoes some of the more common ones include:

  • Bug zappers are effective against mosquitoes – bug zappers do not control mosquitoes and can reduce the populations of beneficial insects.
  • Electronic repellers keep mosquitoes away – No they don’t; save your money.
  • Residential vegetation can produce mosquitoes – They may be resting in the vegetation, but standing water is required to “produce” mosquitoes.
  • Bats, owls, and other birds can control mosquitoes – Although they may include mosquitoes in their diet, they do not consume enough mosquitoes to make an appreciable difference in their populations.
  • Some mosquitoes can be 2 inches long. – They don’t get that big, it was probably a crane fly.
  • Mosquitoes nest in vegetation – Mosquitoes do not nest.
  • Spraying for adults is the best method of mosquito control – Adulticiding is the least efficient method. Eliminating mosquitoes before they become adults is preferable.
  • Mosquitoes can transmit AIDS – False, see above
  • The Citrosa plant repells mosquitoes – Although citrosa oil (citronella) has been used widely as a mosquito repellent, the undisturbed plant itself does not release these oils and is thus not effective as a repellent.