Fleas & Ticks

Ticks and fleas are adaptable pests that can thrive in any type of space. These pests can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and spotted fever. Hard and soft ticks are parasites that feed off human and animal hosts and can lay thousands of eggs. If a female tick lays eggs in a structural crevice of your home, you could experience an enormous and ongoing infestation. It’s important to extinguish fleas and ticks as soon as your spot one. We’ll quickly manage your pest problems before your situation becomes unmanageable.


Fleas are small, wingless, and about 1/12- to 1/6-inch long. The flea is a parasite that attaches to a host. Fleas are external parasites which can be found attached to the skin of their hosts. Adult fleas measure approximately 1/8-inch in length. Their bodies are shiny and reddish-brown in color. They are covered with microscopic hair and are compressed to allow for easy movement through animal fur. Fleas do not have wings, although they are capable of jumping long distances.


Ticks vary in color by species. Adult ticks are smaller than a sunflower seed (1/8- to 5/8-inch long if engorged with blood), while nymphal (or immature) ticks are less than 1/16-inch. Common problem ticks include the American dog tick, deer or black legged tick and lone star tick. Ticks are often found near wooded and highly vegetated areas. Some species require moisture to survive. All females and males of most species feed on blood of mammals, birds and reptiles. Ticks not only cause irritation and discomfort, but they are also capable of transmitting serious diseases to humans and other animals.

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