Bed Bug Control in Arlington TX

Bed Bugs may not be as lethal and dangerous as other household pests, they can still be a terrible nuisance. These microscopic critters are hard to detect with the naked eye, incredibly fast and elusive, and pack a painful bite. Bed Bugs are not only a menace to a lot of households in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington Texas, they also post a threat to businesses.

We at One Stop Pest Control extend a helping hand by offering fast and effective Bed Bug Pest Control because once they infect your property, you need professional pest control help. Do not be fooled. They can rapidly multiply and thrive outside the bedroom. Bed Bugs can lie dormant for more than 10 months and resurface from the cracks and crevices of your home as well as public areas.

Common Bed Bugs

  • Unique Characteristics: Household Bed Bugs are dark, reddish brown and quite small (4-6 mm), making them even harder to detect. They can be mistaken for ticks, mites, or lice, but can be distinguished for their agility and size.
  • Dangers: Most Bed Bug bites are not considered dangerous, but they can still trigger allergic reactions and develop to skin rash and inflammation.
  • Signs of Infestation: The easiest way to detect an infestation is upon sitting or leaning on bed bug hot spots (i.e. couch, wooden furniture, books, linen, picture frame), you get itchy red bumps — bites showing that they have feasted on your skin.
  • Most Activity: Bed Bugs often feed on the blood of mammals at night. Warmer areas in Texas are more prone to infestation.

Other Types of Bed Bugs in DFW Texas

  • Bat Bug – A species that mostly feeds on bats, but will still resort to human blood if primary source is unavailable; often swarms in warmer, tropical areas.
  • Barn Swallow Bug – A species that is known to infect cliff swallows and live in swallow nests; often ends up in residences during bird migration; can resort to human blood.
  • Mexican Bed Bug – Also known as Kissing Bug, Eastern Bloodsucking conenose, and Mexican chicken bug, this species thrives on birds and chicken hosts but can still infest human dwellings.
  • Big Bed Bug – Also known as Cross Bug and Western Bloodsucking Conenose, this species feeds on and thrives in the nest of rodents. It is noticeably darker and more slender than most bed bugs.

Bed Bug Pest Control Service

The first thing to remember about bed bug infestations is that simple phone estimates and advice is not enough. Here at One Stop Pest Control, our Bed Bug Control Specialists will thoroughly evaluate and treat each situation precisely and will gauge the infestation characteristics due to the migration or season patterns of the particular species. From there we will recommend the appropriate Bed Bugs control service for your home or business here in Arlington, Fort Worth, or Mansfield Texas.

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