House Spider Control

Of the many species of identified spider species, house spiders are the most frequently found in human dwelling places. Although their presence is discomforting, house spiders are not necessarily lethal to humans. Small, controlled populations can even prove useful, as they consume other unwanted household pests. House spider webs are typically funnel-shaped and can be located in various places within a home, including windows, ceiling corners and above or beneath fixtures. House spider webs are large and constructed of thin silk threads. They serve both as dwelling places and as traps for prey. A house spider’s body is divided into the cephalothorax and the abdomen. They are classified as arachnids rather than insects and have eight, single-lens eyes. House spiders are brown in color and also have dark markings on its abdomen.

  • Unique Characteristics: Small, brown spiders that can be mistaken for the lethal brown widow.
  • Dangers: These are non-aggressive spiders and almost never bite, unless threatened. They are even considered helpful in removing pests, i.e. flies.
  • Location: House Spiders can be found in any home regardless of the season. They are known to create funnel-shaped webs in ceilings, windows, and higher level fixtures.

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What makes our service here at One Stop Pest Control unique? The secret is our years of experience in understanding spiders endemic and prevalent in this area. Our Spider Specialists will thoroughly evaluate and treat each situation precisely and will gauge the infestation characteristics due to the migration or season patterns of the particular species.

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