Brown Widow Spider Control

The brown widow is generally lighter in color than the black widow. The color can range from tan to dark brown to black, with shades of grey also possible. Like the black widow, the brown widow has a prominent “hourglass” marking on the underside of the abdomen; the brown widow’s hourglass, however, is usually a vivid orange or a yellowish color. The brown widow has a black-and-white “geometric” pattern on the dorsal side of its abdomen. Brown widows are often preyed on by mud daubers and sometimes by digger wasps. The brown widow has neurotoxic venom that is as toxic as the black widow’s.

  • Unique Characteristics: Also has an “hourglass” marking, but on a lighter-colored body, which can range from tan to dark brown.
  • Dangers: Their venom is as dangerous as and sometimes even more so than Black Widows.
  • Location: Brown Widows also live in dark and isolated areas, often hunting for mud daubers and wasps.

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