Brown Recluse Spider Control

Ranging in size from one-forth to three-fourth inches long, Brown recluses are normally light- to medium-brown with the violin marking being black, but have been known to be cream-colored to brownish-black. Spotting a Brown recluse may be harder than one might think. As their name implies, they’re reclusive—and they like it that way. Knowing what they look like can help, though. Not many people know the Brown recluse as the “Violin spider” or the “Fiddleback spider,” but remembering such nicknames can help in identifying this cloistral arachnid. Why? Because the Brown recluse’s most characteristic feature is a violin pattern on the top of the spider near the head, or cephalothorax. While this pattern is sure to be found on most adult Brown recluses, some young Brown recluses may be lacking the fiddle-like figure. It is also noted that the baby brown recluse does not have many of the characteristics of a mature brown recluse.

The violin pattern is itself not wholly diagnostic. Brown recluses also have a unique set of eyes. When examined closely, one will observe that the Brown recluse has not eight eyes like the typical spider but three pairs of eyes (that’s a total of six, if you’re counting).

  • Unique Characteristics: Known to have a unique violin-shaped marking on its head with a cream-colored or brownish black body. Unlike most spiders, it only has six eyes.
  • Dangers: Although the bite is not as lethal as the window spiders, it will take weeks for the victim to fully recover from it.
  • Location: Based on their name, Reclusive Spiders

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