Bed bugs can be very difficult to detect with the naked eye, though they leave telltale signs of their residence. Evidence of these creatures can be found in bedding and pajamas or on the human body. Specs of blood or bumps on flesh can be found in places where these insects have feasted. Even though these bugs are named bed bugs, they can be hide almost anywhere in residential or commercial buildings. The bed bug is typically found in places where people spend longer periods of time. People often pick up these unsavory stow-aways when traveling. Hotels and college dorms are well-known hot spots for bed bug contamination. Bed bugs can also spread, by means of their host’s travels, to any public venue including movie theaters and restaurants.

Bed Bugs

You can identify a bed bug by its light to red brown body, which is a flattened shape. These tiny creatures are only four or five millimeters in length and half of that in width. Nymphs are generally a pale, translucent color and develop