Smoky Brown Cockroach Control

Adult Smoky Brown Roaches are between 1-2 inches long. They are uniform brownish black to mahogany in color. Early nymphs have white stripe on back. Egg capsules are attached to surfaces. The Smoky Brown Roach prefers damp areas because they lose moisture more readily than other cockroaches. These roaches enter structures at night through cracks and crevices. Smoky Brown Roaches live in natural conditions around structures & often can be associated with debris filled gutters.

  • Unique Characteristics: Ranging from 1-2 inches long, they are uniform brownish black to mahogany in color.
  • Dangers: They can occasionally bite people, but their true danger is more on spreading bacteria gathered from sewers.
  • Location: Smoky Brown Cockroaches prefer damp areas because they lose moisture faster than other types. They roam at night and enter indoors through cracks, crevices, holes, and the drainage.

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